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Achieving Sustainable Development — Durable 3v Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery

From:CTECHI GROUP Limited     Release time:2019-02-18

Overview:In recent years, with the continuous development of power battery industry, the exploitation of lithium resources in China has been difficult to meet the demand. How can the future lithium battery industry really achieve the goal of "sustainable development"?

In recent years, with the continuous development of power battery industry, the exploitation of lithium resources in China has been difficult to meet the demand. How can the future lithium battery industry really achieve the goal of "sustainable development"?

Lithium resources in China are mainly distributed in Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan and other areas, accounting for about 85% of the national total. Among them, Qinghai now has a proven lithium chloride reserve of 1982 million tons, and Tibet has a reserve of more than 17.4 million tons.

"From the total amount of lithium resources, we are the largest in the world, but not strong." Zheng Mianping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that lithium raw materials in China are highly dependent on foreign countries, and the current use of lithium mainly depends on imported spodumene and Salt Lake brine.

It is understood that the world's lithium resources mainly exist in the form of salt lakes and hard rocks. Salt lakes are mainly concentrated in the "lithium triangle" areas (Chile, Argentina and Bolivia), which are characterized by large seasonal changes, low cost and environmentally friendly. Hard rock is mainly concentrated in Australia and Canada, characterized by explosion, grinding and high cost.

"In 2017, the global output of lithium resources was 230,000 tons, of which 125,000 tons were used in China, accounting for 52% of the global total. But our lithium raw materials are not self-produced, but imported. This is the problem we have to solve. Zheng Mianping said.

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Although there are many kinds of lithium resources in China, the total amount is very large, and the technology development is fast in recent years, the cost of exploiting lithium resources has decreased, but the problems caused by inappropriate exploitation and low degree of exploitation still exist, and compared with South America, the cost of production in China has no advantage and the price is on the high side.

Based on the current situation, Zheng Mianping put forward four suggestions: one is to further enhance the adsorption and diaphragm technology; the other is to combine precipitation and ion exchange adsorption methods; the third is to improve the recovery rate; and the fourth is to comprehensively utilize resources.

In addition to strengthening the technology of enterprises themselves, the support of national policies is also a useful thrust for the sustainable development of lithium resources. The development of lithium battery industry in China will be further accelerated if the State formulates medium-term and long-term plans related to lithium battery industry, regards lithium resources as strategic resources, strengthens resource exploration, evaluation, exploitation and recycling, strengthens market supervision, guides rational price regression, encourages enterprises to allocate upstream resources globally and reduces the risk of resources.

"At present, we are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the lithium industry, which requires us to seize the opportunity, strengthen innovation, make up for our shortcomings in the lithium industry, help to cope with global climate change, and achieve the national strategic goal of green energy." Zheng Mianping said that at this stage, the development of power batteries in China still depends on lithium resources, so it is imperative for lithium industry to embark on the road of sustainable development.

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