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Lead-acid Batteries — Cheapest Cylindrical Lithium Sulfur Dioxide 2.9V Cells

From:CTECHI GROUP Limited     Release time:2019-01-15

Overview:Lead-acid batteries are batteries whose electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides. The electrolyte is a kind of batteries with sulfuric acid solution. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, communications, new energy, transportation, electricity and many other fields.

Lead-acid batteries are batteries whose electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides. The electrolyte is a kind of batteries with sulfuric acid solution. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, communications, new energy, transportation, electricity and many other fields.

Current Situation of Global Lead-acid Battery Market Competition

In terms of the global capacity scale of lead-acid batteries, China is a big producer, accounting for about 45% of the global output, followed by the United States, accounting for about 32%, Japan ranks third, accounting for nearly 13%, in addition to Germany and so on. The leading manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in the world are American Riot Group, EXIDE Group (including Sunshine Company of Germany), Japanese Tangshallow Company, Seandi Company and Panasonic Company of Japan.

Lead-acid batteries are the most productive battery products in the world, accounting for 50% of the total batteries and 70% of the rechargeable batteries. Even in the most developed countries and regions in the world, such as Europe, America and Japan, lead-acid batteries are still produced and used in large quantities. In the product structure of lead-acid batteries, startup lead-acid batteries account for 48%, followed by power lead-acid batteries, accounting for 28%, standby and energy storage lead-acid batteries account for 15%.

In terms of competition quantity, industry growth rate, exit barriers, homogeneity and competition level, the industry is at a mature stage, and the overall quality of the industry is uneven. Most enterprises focus on low-end products, fight price war, and the competition among existing enterprises is fierce.

Multinational Corporations Accelerate the Distribution of Chinese Market

China's huge market potential and cheap resources have always been an important incentive for transnational corporations to invest directly. In recent years, the market competition has intensified, the price of raw materials has risen, and transnational corporations are facing more fierce market competition. With the increase of China's openness to the outside world, the value link of transnational corporations entering China has gradually increased.

Ninety percent of the multinational corporations that have entered the Chinese market intend to invest more. Their investment fields extend from manufacturing to R&D, service, sales and other upstream and downstream industries. The value links gradually entered lack of effective integration with each other, and the synergy effect can not be fully exerted. These reasons require transnational corporations to re-integrate the resources and capabilities of China in order to play a synergistic role and achieve the greatest economic benefits.

(1) Merger and reorganization to expand business scope

Through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises, foreign capital has entered the lead-acid battery industry in China, such as Panasonic Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Northeast Battery Co., Ltd. to establish Panasonic Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. Of course, after China's accession to the WTO, it is inevitable for foreign capital to enter China's capital market and conduct joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions with Chinese enterprises. Foreign businessmen with both capital and advanced technology and management experience should be welcomed. While foreign capital, technology and management enter the Chinese market, it also promotes the improvement of China's industrial technology and competitiveness.

(2) Strengthen R&D of Technology

Multinational corporations pay more attention to R&D in China, and their R&D investment in China is increasing. Multinational corporations of lead-acid battery industry enter China mostly to carry out strong joint strategy with enterprises with better development, long history or more advanced in China, so as to gradually expand and occupy China's domestic market.

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(3) Implementing localized management

While implementing the globalization strategy, multinational corporations actively pursue localization strategy, which is nearly 100% localization management for employees, operation modes and even suppliers. On the one hand, it can reduce production costs, close to users, supply products and services locally, and form an industrial supply chain locally; on the other hand, by using advanced management concepts to optimize the management model, it can improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and enable them to better enter the Chinese market.

(4) Control Core Technology

Market competition is essentially a contest of modern science and technology and a competition of technological innovation. Multinational corporations occupy a dominant position by firmly controlling the key elements such as product standards and core technologies in the transfer of industrial chain division of labor. Through increasing investment in research and development, enhancing their technological innovation ability, developing new environmental protection products with new materials and processes, occupying the technological commanding heights, and improving the monopoly degree of key core technologies, high profits can be obtained.

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