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  • Three types of snow sweeper snow analysis method to understand these buy snow machines do not tangle

    At present, small-scale mechanical snow-removing vehicles are mainly composed of a prime mover, a transmission device, a snow collection device, a snow throwing device, a walking system, and an operating system. The prime mover can be an electric motor or an engine. At present, gasoline or diesel engines are mostly used; snow collection devices are used to collect snow, and snow throwers or spiral augers are mainly used; snow throwing devices are used to throw collected snow on the side of the road. Or collect the device. The main methods include snow throwing impeller and blower; walking device is to achieve the advance of the machine, there are two kinds of hand-pushing and self-propelled; the operating device mainly controls the operation and direction of the equipment.
  • I am a light snow, I speak for the willow snow sweeper

    Hi, Hello everyone! I am a snowman and I am very happy to meet with you. Although I don’t look beautiful, my heart is beautiful and old and practical.
  • Eighteen snow sweepers and 11 snow blowers became the main force in Pear City

    On the 9th of December, the City of Korla City Department of Environment and Environment Protection held a winter snow demonstration site, with 18 brand new hand-pushing snow sweepers and 11 multi-functional snow blowers marching in line and bursting with roar from time to time. They will become the future. The snow is the "main force" of the snow season in Licheng.
  • The carton has a wonderful use of American men's home-made snowplow to remove snow

    The northeastern United States has experienced a blizzard in recent days. A Pennsylvania man has developed a blizzard for snow-sweeping. The Jizhong Jizhi mower and cartons have been "assembled" into a snowplow. The effect seems to be good.
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